About us

About us

Coronaband.eu is designed to make it easier and safer for people to do their daily activities in the current difficult world.


We have reached a point where the COVID-19 vaccination certificate gives access to the daily and usual services for us. Carrying the vaccination certificate on paper or with a mobile phone is inconvenient. It is easy to forget the paper certificate, it is difficult to show the certificate on a mobile phone, especially for older people.


Coronaband.eu brings a solution here. Our product range includes convenient and simple products that include the QR code of your vaccination certificate and are very easy to carry. Our products make it convenient to display the QR code and it is easy for inspectors to check it. All you have to do is scan the QR code and the inspector will be informed that you have a valid vaccination certificate.


With the help of our products, it is easier for you to get a part of the ordinary world again.

Enjoy the milieu of cultural events, theater or cinema screenings, visit restaurants that offer experiences, etc. It's all easy!